Bilingual Acting Workshops

Our bilingual acting workshops include some of the most famous and appraised acting techniques in Hollywood, such as Meisner technique, Stella Adler method, Stanislavski system and The Actor's Golden Box.

Coaches from Hollywood

Acting coaches at the Academy have trained world-famous actors, such as James Franco, Vincent Cassel, Halle Berry, Colin Firth, Daniel Craig, Juliette Binoche, Penelope Cruiz and Gerard Butler.

Actors Support & Events

The Academy's mission is to create a community in which actors feel supported and encouraged to develop their unique potential, professional network and actor's profile.

Productions & Awards

Featuring actors from the Academy, our productions are award-winning and have been presented internationally. The Academy also hosts its own annual awards in Paris.

Introduction Meetup

We schedule meetups at our studio in central Paris every month to introduce upcoming workshops, projects and events at the PFA.

Register below and we will invite you to our next introduction meetup.

Audition Technique

Audition Technique

This 8-Day Intensive Audition Training for Film and Television is offering you the chance to work and get feedbacks from the James Bond casting director Debbie McWiliams and the Hollywood award-winning film director John H. Richardson.
Acting for Film and Television

Acting for Film and Television

The One-Year Conservatory Program selects a group of dedicated actors on an educational journey of discipline, exploration, and self-awareness, using time-tested and innovative American acting techniques.
Chubbuck Technique

Chubbuck Technique

The Chubbuck Techique, used by Charlize Theron, Jake Gyllentaal, Hally Berry, Jessica Biel and Jared Leto, takes you on a journey from a scripted character to being yourself, body and soul, living and breathing on screen.

Acting Coaches

Debbie Mcwilliams
Vernice Klier
Raymond Forchion
Chris Mack
Martin Thompson
Michelle Danner
John Henry Richardson
Kate Colebrook

Previous Events

Cocktail with the “Hello Herman” director Michelle Danner

Cocktail with the “Hello Herman” director Michelle Danner

Michelle Danner comes back to the Paris Film Academy for a series of conferences, workshops and receptions.

"How to start your acting carrier in Hollywood" with Evan Handler

Evan Handler gave a special conference, called "How to start your acting carrier in Hollywood" where our members got the chance to meet him in person.

"The Saratov Approach" Hollywood Premier with Larry King

The Paris Film Academy team was invited to the LA premiere of the critically acclaimed independent film "The Saratov Approach".
Conference with Garrett Batty

Conference with Garrett Batty

Cocktail conference with the award-winning american film director Garrett Batty
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