17 - 21 of December 2019

This 5-day intensive workshop gives you the unique opportunity to improve your American English with Peggy Hall - the voice coach of John Malkovich, Halle Berry & Léa Seydoux and to work with Annette Trumel - one of France’s top Casting Directors for International projects.

Who can Benefit from this program?

Professional actors looking to brush up on their skills & learn invaluable techniques to be fully prepared for auditions. 16 dedicated actors will be selected and provided with the tools to improve voice & accent and acting abilities through voice and audition training.

Voice & Accent Work

Starting with your voice, Peggy Hall who works with actors such as Juliette Binoche and Halle Berry, will provide you with technical tools for accent reduction and also emphasize the importance of integrating the technical work into the emotional work.

Training with Top Casting Director

You will get an insight into the French & International markets. Audition is a short and intense moment of the process of casting. Annette will help you improve your capacity of self confidence in this essential moment. One-on-one realistic but stress free meetings will also leave you with what you never get in real life: vital feed-back.

Masters of the craft working with you

Peggy Hall is a well-known and respected voice coach who works with A-list actors all around the world, such as Juliette Binoche, John Malkovich, Halle Berry, Colin Firth, Daniel Craig, & Léa Seydoux, Catherine Deneuve and other excellent talents. Her credentials include renowned and award-winning titles, having worked with directors such as Ron Howard, Lana Wachowski and Terry Gilliam and creative producers like Barbara Broccoli, Luc Besson and Anne Thomopoulos. She has been in the business for many years and her long career takes her on a diverse range of film sets like From Paris With Love, Da Vinci Code and Le Chocolat among many others. Peggy Hall was born in the U.S and holds a B.A Cum Laude with double majors in the Theatre and Foreign Languages & Linguistics departments from Hollins University, Virginia, USA. After this, she moved to Paris and continued her education in language at La Sorbonne and the Tomatis Language Center. She also attended production, screenplay and dialogue courses at l’Université de Paris lll and the Susan Batson Studio, along with diverse, ongoing workshop and internship experiences and self-study exploration, from where she has built her way in the industry. Peggy's areas of expertise include dialogue, accent reduction, character expression and acting in English. She is widely appreciated for the quality talent support that she provides to actors, directors, writers and producers, at times collaborating at producer-level.
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With 20 years of experience, Annette Trumel has worked on French and international productions in the fields of cinema, television and advertising. She has casted actors in France for the movie INSYRIATED (Une Famille Syrienne) which has won many festival awards like Berlinale 2017, Angoulême 2017, Magritte 2018. She has worked on SOLDAT BLANC (White Soldier) - the French winner on the Emmy Award 2015. Her credits include FEMME FATALE, BEFORE SUNSET, BLACK TIDE, LA MARCHEUSE, LOULOU, THE INCREDIBLE SECRET who has won César for the best animated film in 2014. Recently Annette casted actors in France for VERSAILLES (30 episodes) and Spy City (10 episodes) TV series. She is currently working on several projects for 2020. Annette has worked in movies with James Ivory, Richard Linklater, Marc Recha, Erick Zonca, Andrzej Zulawski and Yousry Nasrallah; in TV series with Arnaud Sélignac and Virginie Wagon among others.
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Gergana founded the Paris Film Academy in 2012, creating a unique opportunity for French & European actors to get support and training in American acting techniques, to improve their English accent and to prepare for auditions and always stay positive and motivated. Gergana has received substantial training in Los Angeles with celebrity acting coaches, such as Larry Moss, Michelle Danner, and Ivana Chubbuck. She has also studied meditation, mindfulness, breathing techniques, and personal development coaching. She has attended numerous seminars, retreats and workshops in Paris, Moscow, Los Angeles, and Bali. Being an artist & self-motivated person, Gergana is driven by the conviction that each of us has the potential for greatness and has unlimited capabilities. Furthermore, she believes that through proactivity, meditation, and mostly by changing your own thoughts you can really change your destiny. Gergana has a profound respect and love for actors and their craft. Together with the Paris Film Academy, she has produced several short movies which have been shown and have been recompensed in festivals in France and the USA. Gergana also has a master’s degree in European Business Law. While studing law in Paris she won the Annual Student Trial Advocacy Competition. She is fluent in English, French, Russian, and Bulgarian.
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VOICE TRAINING with Peggy Hall
Learn the vocal gymnastics needed to obtain and keep an authentic American accent. By the end of this intensive course, you will experience the productive outcome of an in-depth analysis of an audition text. After 4 DAYS OF VOICE COACHING you will find your strengths and improve your weak spots through these key points:


Learn to map out your audition preparation, decipher the dialogue, investigate the words and expressions you are struggling with, and get valuable tools for working on your own.


Explore the many places from where your voice can be heard. Where to place the voice in your body for this specific character?


Learn to reduce your accent, no matter where you come from, and sound more fluent in American English. You will work on pronunciation - vowels, consonants, the “th” and other sounds, rhythm and linking, and intonation.


You will question: why does the character say this, and therefore how? You will explore the character’s culture, objectives and the subtext of the scene, and Peggy will help you to better understand how to express it.


Find the sound & style of your character. By merging the sound & style with your emotional work, you will be able to give a natural performance.

AUDITION TRAINING with Annette Trumel
Paris Film Academy invites you to get feedback from professionals with many years of experiences in the industry, working with top-level talent on award-winning films and TV series.


The last 2 DAYS will consist of castings and feedback. By using the tools learned from Peggy you will do a casting for either Debbie McWilliams or Nathalie Cheron and keep on learning! The two days will include:


You will get a one-on-one coaching with one of these very experienced ladies, followed by a critique. You will do several takes in your session with the casting director and learn right there on the spot.


You will observe your teammates’ one-on-one coaching and experience how different casting situations can be and develop a greater understanding of the process.

The Law of Attraction Meditation
Learn about the Law of Attraction and how it relates to your unconscious mind. What if you could create anything you want and live a purpose-based life of happiness, joy, and total fulfillment? Learn how to manifest what your heart truly desires!

The first hour the workshop will be about YOU and your GOALS. The purpose this is to put your achievements and goals for the New Year into words - What have you achieved this year, where do you go from here and what are your goals for 2020? Present yourself and tell your goals, aspirations and your story to INSPIRE the rest of the team. Your thoughts and actions create a result. Everything you think, say, and do will have an effect. Every action generates a force of energy that returns to it in kind and that energy continues to flow back and forth.This is a great opportunity to both motivate others and get motivated by the others’ story and end this intensive workshop with an energy boost! We will finish this session with a mediation for success attraction. If you find something you need to let go of, release the limiting belief or negative thoughts or emotions that are attracting this person, situation, or scenario. Through the Law of Attraction, you can resolve the issue in whatever way is best for you and then move into this guided visualization If manifesting your dream life only required having positive thoughts, then this conversation would be irrelevant. Then you will be ready to have your 4 hours workshop with Peggy.

Welcome Drink & Information Session
HEADSHOTS PHOTO SHOOTING with Christine Ledroit-Perrin
“First impressions are made in a fraction of a second! Any photographer can snap a headshot with a little background blur that looks halfway decent. Christine, however, will gently tease your “essence” into the shot the way only a professional like her can. It’s a subtle difference that carries substantial weight." — Salla Lintonen, Actress

Christine Ledroit-Perrin is one of the most sought after Actors Headshot Photographers, behind the lens for over 15 years. Christine’s client list includes the finest acting talent, stars of stage and screen in France & Europe. Working actors are more than likely familiar with the need for a new good headshot. It is just what it sounds like: a close-up shot of your face. Casting directors, producers, writers, and directors use headshots to get a quick look at actors to see if they have the right physical attributes for a given role. The most important tool you have to get noticed by casting directors is your acting headshot.

Christine will guide you in producing a headshot that will:

  • Stand out to casting directors

  • Show genuine expression

  • Let your personality shine

  • Focus on you, the actor

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