“The Coordination of Knowledge, Motivation and Effort of Professional Actors, who work toward a Definite Purpose, in the Spirit of Creativity."

4 Wednesdays (Nov. 28, Dec. 5, Dec, 12, Dec 19)


In this always developing industry, self-tapes has become common, and as an actor, you have to be prepared for it. Casting Directors demands self-tapes frequently and the deadline is set! Confidence is the keyword and building confident demands training and support. At the Paris Film Academy you will get both. Every session contains self-tape training and goal settings, check-ins where we hold each other accountable, celebrate our wins and help each other to move forward!

Who can Benefit from the sessions?

If you are intimidated by self-tape auditions, this is the training for you! If you are looking for fellow actors to get inspired from, this is the place for you! The four sessions of self-tape training and feedback are for professional actors looking to maintain their training, get confident with the self-tape process and acting in English. You will, together with 15 other actors not only improve your self-tape skills but also progress in English by performing a new scene every week.

The Concept

The training consists of hard individual work and group support. We do expect you to work individually in between the sessions. For each session, you will choose a scene from the Academy’s drive, where you will also find recordings for American-English. You will do 2-3 takes at the academy. We play the best take on a big screen and the group will give feedback. For every week, you will set a new goal to progress. By collaborating, we improve our craft, together!

Self-Tape Training & Motivation Sessions in English

Keep up your training, gain confidence and find support from fellow actors!
By the end of the Training you will:

--> Have confidence in your self and your skills

--> Have progressed in English by acting in English

--> Know how to avoid common self-taping mistakes

--> Be comfortable with self-tape auditions

--> Have achieved your weekly goals

--> Have been an inspiration to others


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