15 - 21 of October 2018

This 7-day intensive workshop will focus on improving your American English and gives you a unique opportunity to work with France’s and UK's leading casting directors Debbie Mc-Williams & Nathalie Cheron.

Who can Benefit from this program?

Professional actors looking to brush up on their skills & learn invaluable techniques to be fully prepared for auditions. 16 dedicated actors will be provided with the tools to improve voice & accent and acting abilities through voice and audition training.

Voice & Accent Work

With a starting point in your voice, Peggy Hall who works with actors such as Juliette Binoche and Halle Berry, will provide you with technical tools for accent reduction and also emphasize the importance of integrating the technical work into the emotional work.

Training with Top Casting Directors

You will get an insight into the French, UK, and international market. Luc Besson’s favorite Casting Director, Nathalie Cheron, will enlighten us Friday and the James Bond Casting Director, Debbie McWilliams, will fly in from London to be with us the next day.

Masters of the craft working with you

Peggy Hall is a well-known and respected voice coach who works with A-list actors all around the world, such as Juliette Binoche, Halle Berry, Colin Firth, Daniel Craig, Catherine Deneuve and other excellent talents. Her credentials include renowned and award-winning titles, having worked with directors such as Ron Howard, Lana Wachowski and Terry Gilliam and creative producers like Barbara Broccoli, Luc Besson and Anne Thomopoulos. She has been in the business for many years and her long career takes her on a diverse range of film sets like From Paris With Love, Da Vinci Code and Chocolat among many others. Peggy Hall was born in the U.S and holds a B.A Cum Laude with double majors in the Theatre and Foreign Languages & Linguistics departments from Hollins University, Virginia, USA. After this, she moved to Paris and continued her education in language at La Sorbonne and the Tomatis Language Center. She also attended production, screenplay and dialogue courses at l’Université de Paris lll, theatre at Le Cours Florent and the Susan Batson Studio, along with diverse, ongoing workshop and internship experiences and self-study exploration, from where she has built her way in the industry. Peggy Hall has a dual Franco-American citizenship, which makes her attractive for international film and television productions, as well as for personal coaching. Her areas of expertise include dialogue, accent reduction, character expression and acting in English. She is widely appreciated for the quality talent support that she provides to actors, directors, writers and producers, at times collaborating at producer-level.
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Debbie McWilliams is a leading international casting director and has cast the last 13 James Bond films. Her experience with the Bond Films has taken her all around the world, casting A list stars as well as unknown actors in various unconventional settings. She has worked with a diverse range of directors including Derek Jarman, Roman Polanski, Stephen Frears, Anthony Minghella, Sam Mendes, Martin Campbell, Marc Forster, Ron Howard. Among her early credits are American Werewolf in London, My Beautiful Laundrette, Prick Up Your Ears and Henry V (Kenneth Branagh). In recent years she has worked on; Angels and Demons, Centurion, the 12 part TV series Borgia for Canal Plus, directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, Skyfall, The Silent Storm, “One Child” for BBC directed by John Alexander, as well as Take Down for Jim Gillespie. Debbie Mcwilliams studied English and American Literature at Manchester University before arriving in London where she has lived for over 40 years. Debbie started out in the theatre in London in the early 70s but quickly realised that film was where she wanted to be. Having served a four year apprenticeship with Mary Selway, her first solo film was Superman 2. She has cast over 50 films, 20 TV series and still enjoys casting for the theatre. In her quest for new and interesting talent, Debbie has travelled all over the world and is the Chairman of the International Casting Directors Network, a member of the Casting Directors Guild of UK and has recently been selected to join the Academy of Motion Pictures in USA, one of the first UK casting directors to be honoured in this way.
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Nathalie Cheron is Luc Besson's favorite casting director. She is based in Paris with many international and French productions on her CV. She has cast nearly 100 feature films in the last fifteen years and cooperated with some of the most respected directors, including Robert Altman, Norman Jewison, Danny Huston, and Luc Besson. She has worked on major international films shot in France such as The Bourne Identity and The Family, both with top actors including Matt Damon and Robert De Niro. She has cast actors like Cara Delevingne, Scarlett Johanson and Michael Caine and been the casting director for award-nominated and winning films such as Valerian and the City of Thousand Planets, Lucy, Taken and Paris, je’taime. She has worked closely together with Luc Besson for many years and also cast several Black Pills productions. Besides being a busy casting director, Nathalie Cheron also took the initiative to bring Meals for Monologues to Europe - a charity event where actors perform a monologue for casting directors and donate goods to a charity organization. Last time it involved 40 casting directors and took place over 5 days. She is also the president for Arda (Association des Responsables de Distribution Artistique) where she works to improve the technical, artistic and ethical conditions in the casting working environment."
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Learn the vocal gymnastics needed to obtain and keep an authentic American accent. By the end of this intensive course, you will experience the productive outcome of an in-depth analysis of an audition text. After 4 DAYS OF VOICE COACHING you will find your strengths and improve your weak spots through these key points:


Learn to map out your audition preparation, decipher the dialogue, investigate the words and expressions you are struggling with, and get valuable tools for working on your own.


Explore the many places from where your voice can be heard. Where to place the voice in your body for this specific character?


Learn to reduce your accent, no matter where you come from, and sound more fluent in American English. You will work on pronunciation - vowels, consonants, the “th” and other sounds, rhythm and linking, and intonation.


You will question: why does the character say this, and therefore how? You will explore the character’s culture, objectives and the subtext of the scene, and Peggy will help you to better understand how to express it.


Find the sound & style of your character. By merging the sound & style with your emotional work, you will be able to give a natural performance.

Audition Training
Paris Film Academy invites you to get feedback from professionals with many years of experiences in the industry, working with top-level talent on award-winning films and TV series.


The last 2 DAYS will consist of castings and feedback. By using the tools learned from Peggy you will do a casting for either Debbie McWilliams or Nathalie Cheron and keep on learning! The two days will include:


You will get a one-on-one coaching with one of these very experienced ladies, followed by a critique. You will do several takes in your session with the casting director and learn right there on the spot.


You will observe your teammates’ one-on-one coaching and experience how different casting situations can be and develop a greater understanding of the process.

Cocktail Party

The last day of Casting Training will end with a Cocktail Party to celebrate all the hard and great work of the week. Our chef will be ready with delicious food and yours truly will make sure of all the drinks. So dress up and have an evening of celebration with your teammates, the voice coach, the casting directors at the Paris Film Academy!

Motivation Day

The last day of the workshop will be about YOU and your GOALS.


To put your achievements and goals into words - What have you achieved, where do you go from here and what are your goals for the future?

To inspire others by being a good storyteller

You have 8 minutes to do a mini Ted-talk with YOU as the subject. Present yourself and tell your story and goals to INSPIRE the rest of the team. We will film your Ted-Talk for your personal use.

This is a great opportunity to both motivate others and get motivated by the others’ story and end this intensive workshop with an energy boost!


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