One-year American Conservatory Program

The One-Year Conservatory Program selects a group of dedicated actors on an educational journey of discipline, exploration, and self-awareness, using time-tested and innovative American acting techniques.

Today's challenge for actors

Today, more and more foreign actors have been able to build international careers in Film and Television.

However, even though more dramatic programs are being produced, the industry is becoming more and more competitive. Film directors, producers, and casting directors not only need talented actors, they also need technically proficient ones.

A program for professional actors

Our professional program sets a selected group of 16 dedicated actors who will be provided with the tools and resources to prepare for a career in a competitive global landscape.

In order to take their career to the next level, actors will learn how to improve their camera and audition skills, as well as their accent and voice.

Learning with film industry experts

Our actors are passionately guided by the highest level of film industry experts in every aspect of professional acting.

Our master acting instructors are united by the same goal - to properly equip each actor to thrive in a lifelong career in the craft of acting.

Acting for camera
Learn how to use your energy and emotion in a way that works effectively on camera

The Acting for the Camera classes provide an opportunity for professional actors to learn the specific acting techniques, set etiquette, and unique personal strategies necessary to secure work and to successfully perform in film and on television.

Actors will enhance these abilities through improvisation and filmed exercises which will be reviewed in class. These on-camera improvisations also serve to supplement and improve the actor’s text analysis skills.

This course culminates with a transition to actual screenplays and television scripts, exploring classic single camera shooting and the actor’s relationship to the camera.

Audition Technique
Increase your confidence in your performance for on-camera auditions

Mastering the complex demands of television, film, or commercial auditions can lead to steady work and a potentially successful career.

This course allows actors to have a better understanding of the expectations of on-camera auditions, and how to tailor their performance to the specific genre for which they are auditioning.

Actors will film actual auditions, which will be played back and studied in class. Some of the auditions will be sent for review by our partners and coaches in Hollywood.

Self-taped auditions, including specifics on technical requirements and equipment needs, will also be discussed as part of the course.

Scene Study
Deepen your ability to consistently deliver honest, fully present performances

Scene Study is the best way for actors to continually work on their craft, discover their strengths and weaknesses, and use the exercises and techniques they have learned by actually putting them into practice.

Actors will use actual film and television scenes to deepen their ability to consistently deliver honest, fully present performances.

This class gives the rare opportunity to play an entire scene, while receiving a constructive critique from the acting instructor.

Actors will learn to create fully dimensional characters, connect to the real emotions of the part, fight for what the character needs, and bring it all to a realistic performance level for the camera.

Accent & Voice
Learn the vocal gymnastics needed to obtain and keep an authentic American accent

The American accent course is designed to give you ‘the edge’ when auditioning for film and television productions in American English language.

An accent takes considerable time and commitment, and it is therefore necessary to learn and practice it it well in advance before an audition - or your attention will be focused on the accent and not where it needs to be.

The classes will focus exclusively on Standard American Accent, and will help actors to free their voice from obstacles that block full expression and connect your body to your emotions so that you can act in English just as well as you do in your mother-tongue without loosing your authenticity

The accent reduction coach will correct pronunciation, diction and intonation of the working actors.

First semester

Actors learn the elements of speech, phonation, and basic vocal techniques such as pitch, rhythm, diction, and breathing, as well as the mechanical movements required for sound creation. They explore anatomy, vowels, consonants, operative words, and learn the International Phonetic Alphabet symbols. Along with practicing articulation, energy, and support for sound, they also learn the muscularity of the spoken word and the power of English language. Actors gain the ability to identify key components of speech and sound by freely articulating a monologue, and finally performing a scene with American accent by the end of the semester.

Second semester

Through instructor-guided practice, students develop the modern non-regional American sound that is the standard for the film and television industry, while also exploring regional variations of English spoken around the world. By altering tone focus and facial muscles, they discover the right accent for every character and learn how accents develop and why we have them. The ability to identify and speak consistently in accent grows along with each actor’s understanding of how our voice identifies us.

Career Development
Get inspired, empowered, and define a clear course of action for your acting career

The goal of this course is to help each actor discover their unique gifts and true authenticity.

Actors will have an opportunity to learn about the Film and Television industries in Paris, London, and Hollywood, and will learn how to create new opportunities on for themselves.

Some of the topics that will be covered include: agents and managers, casting directors, branding, networking, social media, original digital content creation, and evolving distribution strategies.

The First Career Development workshop will be at the end of January with the James Bond Casting Director, Debbie McWilliams.


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